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Result By Science

Athletic Performance Program

Welcome To The Results By Science Athletic Performance Program

Below you will witness several key benefits that helps set this particular training system apart from the rest.  Moreover, you will see a small sample size of real world success stories.

Put 6 inches on your vert, record your first dunk, and cut a half second off your 40 yard dash in less then 6 months!

Basketball Player

Enroll today for $150 and receive one month of online coaching plus 4 ebooks. $500 value.


Benefit #1

Improved recovery, conditioning levels, and total body structural health 

Benefit #4

Increased total body strength and performance in all major lifts

Benefit #7

Full nutrition and supplemental support 

Benefit #2

Vertical and Broad Jump enhancement 

Benefit #5

Better first step and start explosiveness 

Benefit #3

Optimized Change of Direction ability 

Benefit #6

Improved acceleration and top speed (aka breakaway speed)

Athletic Performance Program Effect

He is only about 5'9" and had been suffering from chronic knee pain when he began with us, and we were able to return him to full function through various training techniques.


Austin Morgan, Starting Point Guard at Yale University


Sean Graves

Sean gained 30 lbs on our program, improved his 40 yard dash by over a full second using a fully electronic testing system, and he put 10 inches on his vertical jump.  What is most impressive is that Sean went from being one of the slowest kids on his lacrosse team to one of the fastest. 

Oscar "Chapito" Vasquez

Oscar and I trained for 7 years together before we lost a fight.  We had 12 victories with 4 stunning body shot knockouts.  At one time Oscar was ranked 14th in the world according to credible boxing polls.  His gains across every athletic based skill were absolutely substantial over that time and it all helped change his career trajectory and life.. We remain best friends to this day and you could make a strong argument that Oscar is the best boxer to ever come out of the Reno-Tahoe area.


Josh Barrett, Former NFL Starting Safety for the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots

“As an NFL athlete I’ve trained all over America and working with Travis, his hands on approach, challenged me as an athlete. His knowledge, passion, and work ethic is amazing. I recommend Travis to anyone who aspires to reach their athletic goals.”

Danny Town - Lynchburg College

"After being out of the competitive game for more than 5 years, Travis helped me get back in shape and compete at the pro level."

Fully Electronic 40-yard dash:

Before: 4.95 seconds      After: 4.82 seconds

Vertical Jump:

Before: 32”      After: 34”

Hex Bar Dead Lift:

Before: 350 lbs.      After: 515 lbs.


Before: 175 lbs.      After: 190 lbs.


Penny Smerdon-UNR

Penelope "Penny" Smerdon was a standout at our training factility over the course of a couple of years.  Not only was she the fastest among her peers who competed in various sports, but she also more than exceled in her respective sport of Cross Country.  She won the state championship her senior season, and also earned herself a well deserved full-ride scholarship to The University of Nevada-Reno, where she continues to compete today.

UNR Mens Golf, 2015

We had the pleasure of working with this great group of young men for their 2015 NCAA season.  Aside from some impressive victories and rankings against top 25 competition,  every player on the team remained healthy and was able to improve their club head speed.


Scott Underwood, Division 1 standout at Jacksonville State University

When Scott first started training he was struggling to dominate at the JuCo level.  Fast forward a year later and both he and his brother received full ride scholarships to Jacksonville State, where they would go on to become standout players at the division 1 level.  After college, Scott recorded a 6.4 and 6.5 60 yard dash while be being timed by a Baltimore Orioles scout! When he first began training Scott would run in the 7.0-7.1 range consistently.  By training his ass for 4 years he was able to shave off more than a half second off of his 60 yard dash. Here are some more of his accomplishments on our training program:


Fully Electronic 40-yard dash:

Before: 5.0 seconds      After-4.69 seconds

Vertical Jump:

Before: 30”      After-35”

Back Squat:

Before: 300 lbs.      After: 415 lbs.

Bench Press:

Before: 225 lbs.      After: 315 lbs.


Before: 155 lbs.      After: 205 lbs.

Exit Velocity (outfield to home):

Before: 88 mph.      After: 95 mph.

Caleb Wood, Sixth Man at Penn University

We began training Caleb 2 years prior to enrolling at Penn University.  In that timespan Caleb became markedly faster, and improved his standing vertical jump by almost a half of a foot, allowing him to pull off new dunks, while also amassing 15-20 lbs. of solid muscle.

Here is  a video of Caleb knocking down a key 3 pointer in his team's quest to eventually become Ivy League Champions!


Jeff Rowe, Former NFL Quarterback

“After training with both the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Nevada strength staffs, and also Athletes Performance, which could arguably have the best athletic trainers in the country.  I feel strongly that Travis has the knowledge and the ability to easily compare to all three. Within a few short weeks Travis improved my flexibility, improved my knowledge of both nutrition and recovery, and was a pleasure to work with.  It’s great to know that I’ve found a trainer for a long time to come.”

Katie Dry - Wake Forest

Katie trained with us during her summer off-season's.  We were able to help her alleviate her chronic hip flexor issues, and increase her acceleration markedly.  Katie also still holds the record of being able to perform 10 strict chin-ups with 25 lbs. hanging from her waist.


About US

*National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
*International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Fitness Trainer
*National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer
*B.S. Fitness and Wellness
*2 years @ Reno Sport and Spine Institute-Physical Therapy Technician
*15 years and over 60000 hours of hands on practical training experience
*Has personally worked with Olympians, NBA, NFL, NBADL, Division 1 Collegiate Baseball, Basketball, Football, Junior College, High School, and various youth sport athletes
*Strength and Conditioning Coach/Consultant for the Reno Bighorns of the NBA Development League (2010)
​*The Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Nevada-Reno Men's Golf Team (2015)
*Former Director of The Reno Speed School
*ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)  Speed Director and Continuing Educator
*Current Continuing Educator and Fitness Course Creator for Lionel University
*Author of 5 published peer reviewed books
*Has written for several publications including T-Nation, Men's Fitness, Men's Journal, and STACK
*Received high level endorsements from NBA, MLB, NFL, and top collegiate strength and conditioning coaches for various sources of work in the field
*Was one of two trainers selected to train the Chinese Olympic Team in 2014.  Choose to opt out of offer because he loves his country!!!!

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