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Welcome to our Baseball testimonial section.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches and programs being offered on the training market today, it becomes very hard to discern fact from fiction and invest in a philosophy that actually works.  Fortunately, science has cleared up everything for you, and revealed precisely what works the best and the fastest for achieving your specific goal.  All you have to do is witness the proof and sign up today to become a part of our growing community of past and present success stories.  Below you will see a list of Baseball specific benefits that showcase why our program is different from the rest, followed by individuals who have utilized our system, and accomplished exactly what you are looking to accomplish.


Benefit #1-Better first step and start explosiveness (home to first test, flyball tracking, and base stealing!)

Benefit #2-Improved change of direction and cutting ability (infielders)

Benefit #3-Improved lateral movement (basestealing and infielding)

Benefit #4-Shoulder and Elbow care treatment plans

Benefit #5-Improved linear acceleration and “breakaway” speed  (flyball tracking for outfielders and baserunning and stealing)

Benefit #6-Higher pitching and exit throwing velocity

Benefit #7-Improved “pop times” for catchers

Benefit #8-Extreme hitting power!

ATHLETE #1-Scott Underwood, Division 1 standout at Jacksonville State University

When Scott first started training he was struggling to dominate at the JuCo level.  Fast forward a year later and both he and his brother received full ride scholarships to Jacksonville State, where they would go on to become standout players at the division 1 level.  After college, Scott recorded a 6.4 and 6.5 60 yard dash while be being timed by a Baltimore Orioles scout! When he first began training Scott would run in the 7.0-7.1 range consistently.  By training his ass for 4 years he was able to shave off more than a half second off of his 60 yard dash. Here are some more of his accomplishments on our training program:


Fully Electronic 40-yard dash:

Before: 5.0 seconds      After-4.69 seconds

Vertical Jump:

Before: 30”      After-35”

Back Squat:

Before: 300 lbs.      After: 415 lbs.

Bench Press:

Before: 225 lbs.      After: 315 lbs.


Before: 155 lbs.      After: 205 lbs.

Exit Velocity (outfield to home):

Before: 88 mph.      After: 95 mph.

ATHLETE #2-Erik Underwood, Division 1 standout at Jacksonville State University

Like his brother Scott, Erik was struggling to make a name for himself at the college level.  After I got him to buy into our training system his performance also went through the roof since he was so hungry for success athletically.  Here are his improvements that he made on the program. It’s also worth mentioning that Erik was one of the leading hitters in the entire Ohio Valley Conference!


60 yard dash:

Before: 7.2 seconds      After: 6.6 seconds

Fully Electronic 40-yard dash:

Before: 4.9 seconds      After-4.69 seconds!

Vertical Jump:

Before: 27”      After-32”

Exit Velocity (outfield to home):

Before: 83 mph.      After: 88 mph.

ATHLETE #3-Garrett Grenert, Sierra College, CA.

Garrett spent over 2 years following our training system and amassed spectacular results!  He improved his 60 yard dash by a half second going from 7 seconds flat to 6.5 seconds at a baseball showcase he attended.  He gained 15-20 lbs. of raw muscle mass. His fully electronic 40 yard dash went from 5.1 seconds to 4.69 seconds. And he was also able to put a half of foot on his vertical jump as well!

ATHLETE #4-Alex Smagala, Oregon State University

Alex trained alongside Garrett and another athlete you will witness momentarily.  Alex’s progress and tenacity were second to none! He put 13mph on his fastball (75-88mph), and put on 35 lbs. in over two years following our program.  Moreover, he took his fully electronic 40 yard dash from 5.6 seconds to 4.87 seconds. You don’t need to be familiar with what these times mean exactly, but all that is important here is that Alex was one of the slowest kids on the field when he started training and ended up being very competitive with the fastest athletes when all was said and done.  Last but not least, his 60 yard dash went from 7.5 seconds to 6.73 seconds!

ATHLETE #5-Drew McCombs, Galena High School Baseball

Like the two athletes before him, Drew acquired considerable performance and size gains on the program.  He packed on 15 lbs. of muscle, put 8 inches on his vertical jump, and shaved over a half second off of his 60 yard dash time.  Originally, he would run 7.5 seconds regularly when timed by coaches, and afterwards he hit 6.9 seconds!

ATHLETE #6-Nate Nolan, Chicago White Sox Organization

I was fortunate to meet Nate when he was a scrawny kid at 155 lbs. soaking wet, but Nate was someone who had an insatiable appetite to get better and maximize his god given genetic potential.  Look at him now! Nate packed on 60 lbs. in 4 years on our program, increased his vertical jump by 9 inches (27-36”), improved his pop time from 2.2 seconds to 1.79 seconds, and he also improved his 40 yard dash by a half of a second like the rest!

ATHLETE #7-Matt Farman, McQueen High School Baseball

Matt trained hard and dropped his 60 yard dash time from 7.0 seconds when he started to 6.69 seconds which he recorded at a baseball showcase down in California.  He was also able to increase his vertical jump by 5" and add 15 lbs. of muscle.

ATHLETE #8-Rylan Charles, Bishop Manogue High School Baseball

Rylan Charles, a senior at local Bishop Manogue who is a UNLV commit recently recorded an electronic 6.53 60 yard dash at the PBR combine. His previous best was a 6.8 60 yard dash which was handheld. He also improved his exit velocity and position velocity from the outfield by 4-5 mph.

ATHLETE #9-Luke Metzker, Bishop Manogue High School Baseball

Luke Metzker, another up and coming baseball player who is an underclassmen at Manogue has improved his electronic 60 yard dash by almost a full second (7.9 seconds-7.1 seconds) since he began training, along with other baseball specific measurables as well.

ATHLETE #10-Josh Rolling, University of California - Berkeley

Josh recently signed with UC Berkeley after being heavily recruited by pro scouts.  Last summer, Josh decreased his 60 yard dash time by .3 tenths of a second (6.8 seconds to 6.5 seconds), and drilled three home runs on three pitches in his first junior college appearance after participating in our complete training system regularly.

Athlete #11-Andrew "Budda" Guidara-Pacific University Baseball



Budda trained with me since he was 9 years old off and on.  Too watch him grow not only as an athlete, but as an amazing young man gives me immense joy as a coach and trainer.  Quite frankly, Budda wasn't your most natural athlete but he applied himself "consistently" year in and year out and made remarkable gains in the process.  He shaved well over a second off of his 60 yard dash and went from being the slowest kid on his teams to being very competitive.  His strength levels increased dramatically as did his power and agility according to metrics.  He is testament of hard work and consistency and is now a D1 athlete!  

Napoleon Pichardo - Texas Rangers Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

"The Speed Encyclopedia is a book that every strength and conditioning professional should own. Travis Hansen has done an incredible job explaining all aspects relating to speed. This book is very practical for the field. If you are serious about becoming faster, this book is a must have."

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