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Sinjen "The Saint" Smith


Sinjen trained with me in and out throughout his undefeated MMA career.  Already badass of course, but with a sound complimentary strength routine we observed dramatic increases in speed and power both in the ring and in the gym.

Santos "Tito's" Vasquez


I was fortunate enough to have worked with Tito's for years throughout his impressive professional  Tito's could bench press his bodyweight for several reps with pure ease while also improving his sprinting speed, quickness, and power as well.  Tito's was also.a highly decorated golden glove amateur fighter who was part of the US Olympic Boxing Team as a reserve fighter at one point.

Oscar "Chapito" Vasquez


Oscar and I trained for 7 years together before we lost a fight.  We had 12 victories with 4 stunning body shot knockouts.  At one time Oscar was ranked 14th in the world according to credible boxing polls.  His gains across every athletic based skill were absolutely substantial over that time end it all helped change his career trajectory and life.. We remain best friends to this day and you could make a strong argument that Oscar is the best boxer to ever come out of the Reno-Tahoe area.

Addison Mohler


Addison Mohler is a sharpshooting expert for Team USA ladies and gentlemen.  You don't get the opportunity to work with someone of Addison's calibur every day I tell you.  Addison was able to enhance a number of measurable features in shooting and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Please see his story and check out the article linked below to learn more about Addison and his successful journey to the top!



Ryan was a very special kid in terms of focus, intensity, and toughness from a very young age.  He wrestled competitively with great success for years and could be considered a prodigy by some.  His determination and hard work continued on through his school years where he eventually became a state champion wrestler in his weight class at Bishop Manogue High School.  

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