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Welcome to our Football testimonial section.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches and programs being offered on the training market today, it becomes very hard to discern fact from fiction and invest in a philosophy that actually works.  Fortunately, science has cleared up everything for you, and revealed precisely what works the best and the fastest for achieving your specific goal.  All you have to do is witness the proof and sign up today to become a part of our growing community of past and present success stories.  Below you will see a list of Football specific benefits that showcase why our program is different from the rest, followed by individuals who have utilized our system, and accomplished exactly what you are looking to accomplish.


Benefit #1-Better first step and start explosiveness

Benefit #2-Improved change of direction and cutting ability

Benefit #3-Improved lateral movement (lineman and linebackers)

Benefit #4-Better total body health and improved recovery rates

Benefit #5-Improved linear acceleration and “breakaway” speed up and down the field (wide receivers, running backs, and cornerbacks)

Benefit #6-Greater durability and resiliency with player to player contact scenarios (i.e. tackling, blocking, etc.)

Benefit #7-Quicker defensive recovery by arriving at target spots quicker, cutting off opponents sooner, and covering pursuit angles much faster

Athlete #1-Josh Barrett, Former NFL Starting Safety for the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots

“As an NFL athlete I’ve trained all over America and working with Travis, his hands on approach, challenged me as an athlete. His knowledge, passion, and work ethic is amazing. I recommend Travis to anyone who aspires to reach their athletic goals.”

Athlete #2-Jeff Rowe, Former NFL Quarterback

“After training with both the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Nevada strength staffs, and also Athletes Performance, which could arguably have the best athletic trainers in the country.  I feel strongly that Travis has the knowledge and the ability to easily compare to all three. Within a few short weeks Travis improved my flexibility, improved my knowledge of both nutrition and recovery, and was a pleasure to work with.  It’s great to know that I’ve found a trainer for a long time to come.”

Athlete #3-Xavier Smith, Former Cornerback for the Missouri Tigers
Athlete #4-Brent Koontz, Former Collegiate and Arena League Football Player

Brent had a tryout with the San Jose Sabercats of the AFL and recorded a 4.79 40 yard dash time as a linebacker.  When we first began training Brent was running between 5.1 and 5.2 seconds.  Over the course of one to two years Brent was able to shed approximately a half of a second off of his 40 yard dash and become much more competitive at his position.

Athlete #5-Derek Kline, Quarterback at the University of San Diego

Derek began training with us during his freshmen year of high school.  Over the course of 3 years Derek took a full second off of his 40 yard dash, verified by a fully automated electronic timing system, and he put 12 inches on his vertical jump while gaining considerable muscle mass and weight over that time.

Athlete #6-Tanner Quenneville, Former standout high school football player

Tanner cut his fully electronic 20 yard dash time from 2.87 seconds when he began training to 2.61 seconds.  He also cut his fully electronic 40 yard dash time from 4.72 seconds to 4.51 seconds becoming the fastest person we have ever worked with.  And last but not least, his vertical jump went from 36 inches to a remarkable 41!”   He achieved all of these results through a consistent and grueling 4 month training cycle.

Athlete #7-Nolan Wilcock, former high school football player

Nolan gained 25 lbs. of raw muscle in 16 weeks, cut 4 tenths of a second off of his 40 yard dash and put 8 inches on his vertical jump.

Athlete #8-Sean Cochran, former high school football player

Here is a comparison video we had done with Sean versus notable NFL player Niles Paul of the Jacksonville Jaguars, who ran a 4.45 at the NFL scouting combine in the video below.  Sean also cut a half of a second off his fully electronic 40 yard dash time during his time spent working at the speed school.

Athlete #9-Jimmy Lamour-Strength and Conditioning Coach/Former College Player

Followed our system and built his standing broad jump to almost 11'

Other notable program accomplishments:

*Endorsements from NFL and Collegiate Head Strength and Conditioning Coaches (49ers, Saints, Cardinals, and LSU)

    *Several youth, high school, and collegiate players have gone through our program successfully.

Athlete #10-Weston Smith, Future QB for Princeton University Tigers
Weston Smith.jpg

I had the pleasure of working with Weston for approximately a year.   He was a bit of a journeyman through high school until he found his home.  His family relocated to the Reno-Tahoe area temporarily before West headed elsewhere for better recruitment and competition.  During his tenure training he cut a near full second off of his 40 yard dash, strengthened his shoulder markedly since he was prone to pain and injury, became much quicker and more elusive in the pocket and gained substantial size and arm strength.

Dan Dalrymple - New Orleans Saints Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Every aspect of speed improvement – from proper mechanics to strength training, to nutrition and body composition – is thoroughly addressed. [The Speed Encyclopedia is] a must read for any athlete who wants to get faster or coach who’s training them!"


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