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Welcome to our Lacrosse testimonial section.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches and programs being offered on the training market today, it becomes very hard to discern fact from fiction and invest in a philosophy that actually works.  Fortunately, science has cleared up everything for you, and revealed precisely what works the best and the fastest for achieving your specific goal.  All you have to do is witness the proof and sign up today to become a part of our growing community of past and present success stories.  Below you will see a list of Lacrosse specific benefits that showcase why our program is different from the rest, followed by individuals who have utilized our system, and accomplished exactly what you are looking to accomplish.


Benefit #1: Improve size and strength to improve tolerance and recovery from player to player contact.

Benefit #2: Improve elusiveness through increased agility and change of direction.

Benefit #3: Increase start, acceleration, and breakaway top speed levels.

Benefit #4: Increase both ball velocity and distance through enhanced total body power production.

Benefit #5:  Improve all forms of conditioning and energy systems development to improve durability, tolerance to fatigue, and maintenance of your athletic skill through practice and competition.

Athlete #1: Sean Graves

Sean gained 30 lbs on our program, improved his 40 yard dash by over a full second using a fully electronic testing system, and he put 10 inches on his vertical jump.  What is most impressive is that Sean went from being one of the slowest kids on his lacrosse team to one of the fastest. 

Athlete #2: Jake Morris

Since I first met Jake he wanted to do something memorable and great in athletics.  Through years of incredible hard work and determination Jake finally did just that and played pro lacrosse up in Canada. During his high school years Jake took over a half of a second off of his 4o yard dash as well as his agility shuttle run.  He increased his vertical jump by 8" and saw 100+% increases in his bench, deadlift, and squat.

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