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Updated: Oct 24

You will routinely hear about all types of quick fixes and ways in which you can shed fat and weight extremely fast. Unfortunately, a single pound of fat tissue houses a vast amount of energy at 3500-4000 calories! So ladies and gentlemen, no you will not be able to rid your body of unwanted fat on a daily basis no matter what any trainer or popular media sources proceeds to tell you.

With that being said though, there are definitely small and impactful ways in which you can offer yourself personal support when attempting to lose weight relatively fast and keep you ahead of the curve. And one of those ways is through a “timed eating” strategy. It may sound absurd to some at first, but the simple fact is that it takes our primary fullness hormone, Leptin, upwards of twenty minutes to arrive at a specific location in the brain causing us to put down the fork and let the critical digestion process to begin until the next time we feel hungry again. Until this twenty minute time mark, you won’t receive any signals of full sensations and you are free to eat as you please, unfortunately. And this is yet another sneaky mechanism that the body evolved with that obviously ensures we get our necessary amount of energy and then some, so we don’t starve or become low on fuel at any point.

So the solution here is very simple; Set your fit-bit, cellphone, or any other technological device you can think of, with an alarm set at the twenty minute mark just before you take your first bite of food. When applying this simple technique regularly, you will spare yourself hundreds if not thousands of calories. Here are a few more tips along with a video I just shot on fat and weight loss strategies to implement into your routine immediately, along with my personal fat loss training portfolio:


*Eat a salad loaded up with plenty of veggies and a balsamic vinegar dressing prior to your main course.

*Eat with your non-dominant hand. The lack of coordination will more than likely result in slower food consumption and go hand in hand with the timed eating strategy.

*Try to engage more socially so you are spending less time stuffing your face and more time having a worthwhile conversation.

*Drink 2-3 glasses of water to promote fullness through expansion of your stomach. Moreover, there is a theory that the brain has a hard time deciphering an appetite with dehydration so you may spare yourself even more calories if you are indeed dehydrated at that time.

Let me take all of the guesswork out for you and use a program that is guaranteed to deliver rapid fat loss results that last. You will know precisely what to eat, how much, and when for your body type. Thus, delivering to you a nutritional system for precise weight management. What more could you ask for?

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