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Newsletter 02/22/2019

Updated: May 5

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to start things off by informing all of you that you have until February 25th. to receive my athletic nutrition 101 book at 50 percent off!  After that the price will increase to $29.00.  Here is a link to learn more if you haven't already:

4 Underrated Agility Training Techniques

Here is a recent blog I posted over at which details 4 unique and very underrated agility training techniques.  You can cue your athletes on these with pretty much any exercise to eventually increase their chance of success against any competitor.  My personal favorite is #3 because it's natural and too many coaches I see are trying to alter the natural rhythm that our body seeks to discover and apply with this specific technique!

Protein Intake

In case anyone reading this is still wondering how much protein they need per meal and per day based on their body type, take a minute to read over this article.  I know there are so many similar pieces on this front, but what's unique about this article is that it customizes it for you taking into account past and present scientific literature on the matter, and explains why by addressing unique biological functions that ultimately regulate how much protein we can digest and utilize.

Until next time!


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