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Newsletter 02/11/2019

Updated: May 5

Hey Everyone,

I am beyond excited to announce and have the direct opportunity to provide you with my recently written Athletic Nutrition 101 program.  I've discounted the item 50% off of the original price, and this offer will last until February 24th, 2019.  Honestly, I might be biased, but this offer is ridiculously low for the level of peer review and quality content you will receive if you decide to buy.  Everything you have wondered or practically need to know about sports nutrition to make you or your athletes better is found inside the book.  

Here are three reasons you guys should strongly consider buying this valuable and timeless resource.

#1- "Athletic Nutrition 101" is an accurate name for the product!

It takes all the different elements of sports nutrition and condenses them into manageable chunks of content.  Sometimes I nerd out and will read a 200-page book just on one related topic.

Sometimes that’s too much.

But, if you’re having a thought or working through an idea, it’s probably covered here, and it’ll give you some insight to answer your question or send you to a more detailed resource or direction.

#2- It doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel

Another thing that sets this book apart from the rest is that it doesn't push some already established format of nutrition on you and the call it a cute name and say that I invented it.

Some of the concepts you may know well.  Others you’re probably aware of, but have only a passing knowledge of; regardless, it’s all in there.  It’s like a central hub for nutritional topics.  And that is ultimately what people are looking for right now when it comes to sports nutrition.

“Oh man, how does Creatine supplementation work again?”

Just go to the book and get a Cliff’s Notes sized version.  Maybe it scratches your itch; maybe it sends you off somewhere else for a more in-depth look.

With so much training info in your information library, sometimes you just might be looking for confirmation, not a research project.  Conversely, there is definitely some unique areas of insight that aren't so common that could be deemed as original on a larger scale.  

#3- It gives credit where credit is due

If the book talks about a topic, I cite the original author/creator.

I'm not saying this is all coming from my brain individually; I've just done a lot of research and cite whose idea it was initially.

Many of us who put out information has been bashed by people in the industry who took credit for other peoples’ information or ideas.

Whether or not you believe anyone who sells any information can take credit for inventing it (since everyone’s coaching philosophy is just a personalized mash-up of other peoples’ information) this book won’t offend.

And since it cites all its material, you can be confident it wasn’t pulled out of the ethers.

So, it’s excellent. It’s only $14.95 right now, which is insanely low for the quality of information you will receive and the level of endorsement the book has been granted.

You can jump right into the material and pick up your copy here.

Thanks Travis

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