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Newsletter 02/16/2019

Updated: May 5

Hey Everyone,

I know that some of you reading this were just added to the newsletter since you purchased my Speed Encyclopedia book, and happened to miss out on our first email blast introducing my recent release of Athletic Nutrition 101.

If you haven't had the chance, you should consider taking a moment to learn more about Athletic Nutrition 101 by clicking here.

You will find that this book comes jam-packed with high quality and practical content that you can apply right away with you or your athletes.  I've removed all the guesswork for you, and it will more than likely address at least one or several lingering questions you still have about proper sports nutrition.

For example, do "all" athletes need carbohydrates to perform at their best?  Do glutamine and the branched chain amino acids work, or are they just all hype?  How much protein per day and per meal do I need to satisfy my individual body's needs?  Does fat boost my performance and hormones?  And much more...

Also, please keep in mind that I'm offering the product at an insanely low price of $14.95 through February 24th.  

Now before I leave you I want to direct you towards some recent content I've published:


Here is a great piece I wrote that discusses smart strategies for athletes attempting to both lose weight and enhance athletic performance.  This is the first of many blogs to come that can be found at my new website.


Below is a recent youtube video that I shot which discusses some different features of the Psoas that athletes and coaches need to consider if they want to perform better and stay healthier.  I give you four progressions and two articles on the Psoas as well.


Don't underestimate the power of the warm-up.  There are numerous benefits that I discuss in my warm-up manual if you haven't had a chance to look there yet, but one primary advantage is signaling "pre-exhaustion" throughout both the neuromuscular and metabolic networks which help channel energy.  I don't know if you guys recall this, but if you are an MMA fan like me, then I'm sure you witnessed the sequel of McGregor and Diaz.  After the 3rd round Connor was taxed and seemed to have nothing left.  But then what happened?  His lactic acid levels shot through the roof, and there was an immediate increase in energy delivery and production brought on by pride and willpower, but also the pre-exhaustion that took place just before the start of the 4th round.  His body was in survival mode.  You guys may have experience increased performance after a certain level of fatigue hit you before, but it's one strategy that should be a part of your warm-up to help all training that occurs after that!

Until next time! -Travis

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