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Newsletter 03/01/2019

Updated: May 5

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you all had an amazing week filled with lots of learning, success, and progress towards your end goal!  I've been grinding away with lots of research, reading, training with my clients, as well as myself, and growing my business and following my passion each and every day.


Anyways, I wanted to start off the newsletter by delivering my most recent blog post.  This Corrective Exercise was modified from two drills that we've utilized extensively in the past that many may already be familiar with.  The first is a strength based drill called the Floor Press, and the second is used as a passive stretching technique on a foam roll to help assist in reducing tightness and neuromuscular tone in the Pectoralis region.  Specifically, the Pectoralis Minor.  The primary intent of the drill is to sustain strength, size, and activity levels in the front of the upper body while simultaneously attempting to subtly correct any poor rhythm or faulty  postural alignment that has occurred locally at the shoulder for whatever reason.  Here is the blog if you want to learn more.

Fire Hydrants

Next, is a short youtube clip that I shot with one of our trainer's, Michelle.  She is demonstrating a classic SI Joint stabilization technique referred to as Quadruped with Bent Knee (short lever) Hip abduction. If any of you follow The FRC then I'm sure you have probably seen this exercise or practiced it at some point.  The drill seeks to generate strength and stability at an angle that most struggle with.  Poor end-range hip strength can result in unwanted substitution patterns throughout the lumbar spine and hip complex and lead to different problems.  Essentially we are re-training the brain to stabilize the SI Joint and core as motion is created throughout the hip.  The drill I'm giving you is referred to as a RAIL .  Here is the youtube video as well as a solid article that helps explain the technique in much more detail if you are interested.

And the final thing I wanted to share with you today is a unique and fun little mobility drill sequence that I created out of both boredom and as a progression to other common mobility sequences.  The circuit in the article/video below combines front to back hip mobility, mid-back mobility through both rotation and extension which we all desperately need, and a high degree of balance-stabilization, and Iliopsoas strength which many lack or could improve upon.

Tip: The Drill Your Body's Been Begging For

Until Next Time! Travis

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