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Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The idea of only squatting to approximately 50-75% may seem absurd too many, but there is definitely some benefit to be had if the goal is to get faster via sprinting. If you analyze the landing position and the phases throughout each stride during a sprint you will notice that the ranges of motion are actually quite limited just like with quarter squats performed with a barbell. So logically there will be similar recruitment pathways seen between the two and a large degree of carryover and specificity accomplished with barbell quarter squats. Here is what the drill looks like in case you are curious and haven’t seen them before:

Notice the “hip snap” action that occurs in this movement at the top. Many athletes and clients struggle with locking out properly during a sprint, squat, and deadlift so this drill demands a lot of coordination and a high degree of precision that will undoubtedly benefit the areas of lower body training. There was a fairly recent study by Rhea et al. 2016, which showed quarter squats holding the highest effect and transfer on vertical jump and sprinting performances! This is only one study and there are several studies which show strong benefit with full squats on athletic markers. I discuss many of these in my speed book which you can check out down below.


#1-Rhea, M. R., Kenn, J. G., Peterson, M. D., Massey, D., Simão, R., Marín, P. J., Favero, M., Cardozo, D., & Krein, D. (2016). "Joint-angle specific strength adaptations influence improvements in power in highly trained athletes," Human Movement, 17(1), DOI: 10.1515/humo-2016-0006

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