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If you are reading this and under the impression that "fat loss" is a rapid process, then you are sadly mistaken. Fat loss is difficult and takes time just like anything worthwhile in life, but the upside is that you will be rewarded indefinitely at the end. Not just through a better state of health, since excessive body fat is linked to every human disease state, but fat loss is a numbers game. Here are some interesting body weight facts for you to consider:

1 lb. of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories

1 lb. of muscle is equivalent to 600 calories

Glycogen stores make up 3-5 lbs.

Now, this information may seem very basic, which it is, but it puts weight loss and scale readings into a clear perspective. When you consider that too much of a loss in calories day to day yields muscle loss and weight rebound, and the fact fat contains so many calories, it's glaringly obvious that substantial fat loss should always be a long-term strategic goal. There is simply no way around this fact. If you are losing weight rapidly which is the case for many, then it makes perfect sense that it would be coming from muscle and glycogen stores, as well as water mass which I neglected to mention above. Not only that, but energy studies have shown that energy regulation or metabolism becomes disrupted well in advance with aggressive caloric restriction attempts and loss of muscle tissue.

Check out my friend and client Angie and her testimonial below. Angie was able to keep her weight loss of 80 lbs. (215-145 lbs.) off for 10 years after committing herself to gradual, sustainable, and consistent weight loss!

For more legitimate fat loss/general health testimonials check out my program page here

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