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It doesn’t matter if you are a muscle head looking to increase the diameter of your arm bumps some more, or you’re an athlete who needs bigger and stronger biceps to accelerate their arms faster to hit or throw a ball or run faster, or anyone else, everyone can benefit from bicep training. The wrist to rollover curls is unique in two different ways.

First, it allows you to target the Pronator Teres Muscle while creating elbow flexion. This muscle can be weak and overcompensating for a weak shoulder complex so some extra strength work may do you some good to help keep this key muscle of the elbow joint healthy. If anyone reading this has experienced “Tennis Elbow,” or Lateral Epicondylitis before then you will know exactly what I mean!

Secondly, because you have to take some extra time to allow for rotation into pronation in the movement you are in essence creating more helpful TUT (time under tension) for the upper head of the biceps located at the shoulder, and even at the elbow which can help trigger increases in strength and size in the process.

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