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Athletic Nutrition 101

Athletic Nutrition 101


Athletic Nutrition 101 is a complete and highly informative nutritional manual specifically designed for any coach, or type of athlete with serious aspirations of maximizing health, performance, and appearance.


Inside you will learn about literally everything you would ever need to know about "practical" sports nutrition.  We will cover the 3 major macronutrients and their distinct and essential roles in human performance outcomes.  Also, many of the highly popularized sports performance supplements will be carefully evaluated, and you will learn which supplements are worthwhile and which ones are a complete waste of time and money, according to current scientific literature.


This book has been made easy to read for any level of reader, and most importantly, you will be provided with a reliable, stable, and permanent nutritional resource that can both educate and guide you or your athlete on what he or she should be eating to properly fuel performance over the course of their respective  training career's and lifetime!


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