Online Coaching Program

Online Coaching Program


Can't train with Travis in person?  Let Travis make a 4 week program for you with his Online Training Program!


Programs Include....

-Simple and digestible Nutritional PDF that we utilize with all of our personal and athletic training clients

-Detailed exercise prescriptions that fully details and outlines every single training variable (frequency, sets/reps, volume, rest, tempo, exercise, and training intensity) specific to your desired training goal.

-Links of the exercise on Travis' youtube channel for proper instruction and execution

-Unlimited support from Travis in case any questions arise that you need answered to better appreciate your customized training regime


Travis will supply you with specific field and skill tests initially that serve as an an official assessment for you or your athlete.  This process will help guide your specific program design, and helps establish baseline numbers or measures that can be re-evaluated throughout the duration of the program to guarantee you are making "real" progress.