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Welcome to our Soccer testimonial section.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches and programs being offered on the training market today, it becomes very hard to discern fact from fiction and invest in a philosophy that actually works.  Fortunately, science has cleared up everything for you, and revealed precisely what works the best and the fastest for achieving your specific goal.  All you have to do is witness the proof and sign up today to become a part of our growing community of past and present success stories.  Below you will see a list of Soccer specific benefits that showcase why our program is different from the rest, followed by individuals who have utilized our system, and accomplished exactly what you are looking to accomplish.


Benefit #1: Reduce ACL injury rates and all others with proven strength, injury prevention, and rehabilitation strategies.

Benefit #2: Improve first step, acceleration,  and top speed ability to help with both offense and defensive skill

Benefit #3: Increase ball striking speed and distance with improved total body power levels. 

Benefit #4: Improve goalie play with enhanced reaction and explosiveness.

Benefit #5: Improve your change of direction and agility through proven methods.

Athlete #1: Katie Dry - Wake Forest

Katie trained with us during her summer off-season's.  We were able to help her alleviate her chronic hip flexor issues, and increase her acceleration markedly.  Katie also still holds the record of being able to perform 10 strict chin-ups with 25 lbs. hanging from her waist.

Athlete #2: Danny Town - Lynchburg College

"After being out of the competitive game for more than 5 years, Travis helped me get back in shape and compete at the pro level."

Fully Electronic 40-yard dash:

Before: 4.95 seconds      After: 4.82 seconds

Vertical Jump:

Before: 32”      After: 34”

Hex Bar Dead Lift:

Before: 350 lbs.      After: 515 lbs.


Before: 175 lbs.      After: 190 lbs.

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