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Track and Field


Welcome to our Track and Field testimonial section.  With hundreds, if not thousands, of approaches and programs being offered on the training market today, it becomes very hard to discern fact from fiction and invest in a philosophy that actually works.  Fortunately, science has cleared up everything for you, and revealed precisely what works the best and the fastest for achieving your specific goal.  All you have to do is witness the proof and sign up today to become a part of our growing community of past and present success stories.  Below you will see a list of Track and Field specific benefits that showcase why our program is different from the rest, followed by individuals who have utilized our system, and accomplished exactly what you are looking to accomplish.


Benefit #1: Improve block start, acceleration, top speed, and speed endurance.

Benefit #2: Decrease the chance of all lower body injuries through controlled sprinting volumes and intensities.

Benefit #3: Improve sprinting technique during all phases of a race "without" much direct technical training.

Benefit #4:  Increase size and strength in sprint specific muscle groups.

Benefit #5:  All jumpers and throwers can improve distance through increases in speed and power in both rotational and jump based movements.

Benefit #6: Specific training phases will allow proper recovery and "peaking to occur at the right time of the competitive season.

Athlete #1: Damon Wiseman

"After 8 weeks on the program, my 17 years old son realized significant improvements in our key objectives (explosive contact):  vertical jump improved to 33.5”, prior to starting he was at 26.5”, broad jump improved from 105” to 110”.  This also translated into a significant improvement in his 60M time, 8.04s prior to workouts - 7.59s after, these were full automated times (FAT)." -Chuck Wiseman (Father)

Bodyweight was 173lbs is now 163lbs.

Vertical was 26.5”, is now 33.5”

Broad jump was 105”, is now 110”

FAT 60M was 8.04, is now FAT 60M 7.59.

His 1RM for the bench is 220lbs.

His 1RM for the squat is 430lbs.

His 1RM for the hex bar deadlift is also 430lbs

Athlete #2: Cassidy Butler - UNLV

Cassidy made big gains in preparation of her two track seasons. Cassidy increased her box squat to a remarkable 425 lbs. for high reps,  and increased her shot put distance by 4 feet.  She still holds the state high school record in Nevada.

ATHLETE#3: Penny Smerdon-UNR


Penelope "Penny" Smerdon was a standout at our training factility over the course of a couple of years.  Not only was she the fastest among her peers who competed in various sports, but she also more than exceled in her respective sport of Cross Country.  She won the state championship her senior season, and also earned herself a well deserved full-ride scholarship to The University of Nevada-Reno, where she continues to compete today.

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